NHOA receives a grant of 17.2 ME from the European Union

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(Boursier.com) — For the 3rd time Atlante, the Group company NHOA (formerly Engie EPS), dedicated to fast and ultra-fast charging networks for electric vehicles, is selected to receive funding from the European Union as part of the 5th CEF Transport call for projects – Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Facility (infrastructure for alternative fuels; AFIF). As part of this financing program aimed at supporting European transport networks, Atlante obtains a grant of 17.2 million euros.

As part of this project, named AtlanteHIT, Atlante plans to install more than 700 electrified parking spaces, distributed among 44 fast charging hubs, including 32 for passenger cars and vans and 12 for heavy vehicles, such as trucks, buses and coaches. The 17.2 ME allocated by the European Union contribute to the achievement of one of the axes of the financing plan for Atlante’s objective of 22,000 charging points by 2030, namely 30% of the annual expenditure of investments financed by grants and financing programs.

Atlante had already received 23 ME in 2022, during the 2nd call for projects of this same European program, and 49.9 ME in September 2023, during the 4th call for projects, thus totaling with this 5th call around 90 ME in European funding. The selection was approved by EU member states and the European Commission.

This new financing confirms Atlante in its position as a leading dynamic player in the construction of the electric vehicle charging ecosystem. Each new Atlante charging center, located along the trans-European road transport network (TEN-T), will have 12 or 24 charging points for light vehicle stations and 8 charging points for heavy vehicle stations. By introducing fast charging hubs dedicated to electric trucks, Atlante is tackling the high-emission segment of heavy vehicles and taking a crucial step towards the decarbonization of transport in Southern Europe. All Atlante charging centers will be powered by 100% renewable energy and modular in design.

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