Game news The Nintendo Switch 2 must focus on this option which is very (but very) appreciated by players!

Game news The Nintendo Switch 2 must focus on this option, which is very (but very) appreciated by players!

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The Nintendo Switch 2 was just mentioned, along with this feature every fan dreams of. We’ll give you an update on this long-awaited information.

Nintendo Switch 2 resurfaces

You will soon have to say goodbye to your Nintendo Switch! So, rest assured, you will still have time to enjoy its many games like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, but you must keep in mind that the machine is at the end of its life. It is now over seven years old, which corresponds to the average age of a console before it is replaced by its estate. The problem at the moment is that his little sister, aka the Nintendo Switch 2 remains very discreetor even completely silent.

Last year at the same time, the VGC had nevertheless suggested that a technical demo had been presented to a few lucky journalists. The month of March or April 2024 was then mentioned as being an ideal release window for its officialization. Today, at the dawn of May, we still have nothing, apart from players impatient to find a new version of the hybrid console. That’s gooda Chinese report mentions it and it makes you want it.

The return of this feature

We still don’t have any official word from Nintendo, but this report from the manufacturer Mobapad has just revealed some additional information about the Nintendo Switch 2. Be careful to take all these infractions with a grain of salt. We had already told you about its innovations, even if the console is described as very conservative compared to the first model. Among the new features, it seems that Big N decides toabandon joy-cons with rails, to favor a magnet system. Good news for the many players who have spent hours on the board, with play between the screen and the joy-cons. On the other hand, this could well mean that these accessories would not be backwards compatible. But for games then?

Will the games be backwards compatible?? Well still according to the report from the Chinese Mobapad: yes! The company is talking about both physical and digital titles of the original Switch games. When it is made official, players will, for example, be able to restart their game of Super Mario Odyssey or Pokémon Scarlet/Purple, but this time with a resolution of 1080p (compared to 720p today) and hopefully 60 FPS. All on a slightly larger screen! Here we hope that it is true, because the firm should really bet on it. If this information makes your mouth water, for our greatest disappointment we will have to be content with it, because once again, no release date has been mentioned. For now, Nintendo remains very attached to its Nintendo Switch.

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