Nick Carter: Emotional interview after Aaron’s death

Nick Carter
He talks about the tragic death of his brother Aaron

Aaron Carter (†) and Nick Carter

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In early November, Aaron Carter tragically died far too young at the age of 34. Brother Nick Carter only had to be back on stage a day later – he now tells in an interview how difficult it was for him.

It’s an incredibly sad situation: just a day after Aaron Carter died on November 5 at the age of just 34, his brother Nick Carter, 42, who was touring in Europe with the “Backstreet Boys” at the time, had to back on stage. The show had to go on, there was no mercy and no exceptions for personal misfortunes. phew!

Nick Carter: Smile instead of cry

It’s hard to imagine the feelings Nick Carter went through when he had to perform and spread the good vibes in London, but now the boy band star opens up about his difficult emotional state himself. “It was very emotional for me,” said the musician on the US TV show “Extra” and explained: “It was difficult to go on stage that night. There’s an old saying, ‘The show must go on’, which has been with us for years. But that night I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know what the outcome of going on that stage would be. Getting the reaction from the fans was definitely comforting and meant a lot to me.” He was also comforted by his bandmates, who hugged him when his feelings finally got the better of him.

Nick Carter: Complicated family dynamics

A concert cancellation seemed out of the question for the singer. He went through the evening professionally. He had previously commented on his brother’s premature death via Instagram and also addressed the difficult family dynamics of the Carter clan. “My heart is broken. Even though my brother and I had a complicated relationship, my love for him never ended. I always held out hope that one day he would find a healthy path and eventually find the help he needed so much needed. Sometimes we want to blame someone or something for a loss, but the truth is, addiction and mental illness are the real villains here. I will miss my brother more than anyone will ever know.”

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