Nintendo Switch game news: the next Mario Kart game at the heart of new leaks, Star Fox and other casting licenses?

Game News Nintendo Switch: the next Mario Kart game at the heart of new leaks, Star Fox and other casting licenses?

After more than seven years of good and loyal service and a release on Switch at the end of April 2017, Mario Kart 8 could soon bow out in favor of a new episode whose name is yet to be confirmed. Today, Nintendo’s next kart game is the center of attention and new leaks allow us to identify the first outlines.

The success of the Mario Kart franchise could be the very definition of insolence as its figures are stratospheric: it’s very simple, Mario Kart 8 is best-selling nintendo game of all time, exceeding the figures, also indecent, of the episode released on the Wii. Even today, the game is still selling like hot cakes and this is certainly what pushes Big N to wait as long as possible before drawing the future part of the adventures of Mario and others on the asphalt.

Nevertheless, the game is eagerly awaited and arouses the curiosity of many dataminers and other insiders in the video game world who, like players around the world, are eager to discover its secrets. After a first leak spotted at the beginning of the month, the next Mario Kart game (whose following names are circulating: Mario Kart 9, Mario Kart 10 and Mario Kart: Crossroads, without however reaching consensus) is once again the target of stolen information which remain, however, to be confirmed!

Other universes invited to the starting line?

What if the next Mario Kart game was inspired by the formula initiated by Super Smash Bros. ? This is one of the questions that fuels all the fantasies of players who follow Nintendo’s productions assiduously. Since we know, according to a Japanese video game analyst, that the next Mario Kart would offer a real turning point within the franchise, some are brainstorming in all directions to find out what this famous “twist” would actually be.

Very recently, an insider by the name of Zippo, known as well for certain precise information, gleaned in the past, as for his few misses, came to put a layer on the hallway noises evoking a larger cast than usual and benefiting from the presence of other Nintendo licenses, and not just those from the Super Mario franchise. According to him, the game should be released for celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Mario Kart saga, started in 1992.

Nintendo Switch: the next Mario Kart game at the heart of new leaks, Star Fox and other casting licenses?

In addition to this, Zippo has indicated that the future installment of Mario Kart could feature new characters from certain licenses such as Pikmin, Arms or Star Fox. It would also be possible to have access to further customization of the roster of pilots, in particular thanks to alternate costumes.

Nevertheless, Nintendo does not intend to limit itself to new characters and an emphasis on cosmetics since, according to Zippo, the next installment of Mario Kart could have the right to “extended solo content” without we know more about it for the moment. Nevertheless, caution is always in order Faced with these rumors that are spreading more and more: we bet that Nintendo will know, soon enough, to reveal its plans for the future of Mario Kart!

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