No pattern recognizable: plagiarism check relieves Laschet

No pattern recognizable
Plagiarism check relieves Laschet

According to a Twitter entry, there is a plagiarism allegation against the CDU chancellor candidate Laschet. The Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia then makes the book in question available online. An examiner uses this opportunity and scours the pages. With a clear result.

The Austrian plagiarism examiner Stefan Weber sees the plagiarism allegations against the North Rhine-Westphalian Prime Minister and CDU Chancellor candidate Armin Laschet as invalid. An examination of Laschet’s 2009 book “The rising republic. Immigration as a chance” revealed “no further plagiarism”. The media scientist published a corresponding analysis on his website.

Weber had made a number of text similarities between the book of the Green Chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock “Now. How we renew our country” and other publications public. When examining the book by Union Chancellor candidate Laschet, who himself had distributed a link to an online version of his book, with the help of checking software, Weber wrote: “My result is a relief for Laschet: After looking through all the colored text matches, I did not find a single place which I would call a plagiarism fragment. ”

Weber continued: “A single passage is not (yet) worth the debate and its publication tends to dilute the problem. The identification of plagiarism is always about the search for a pattern and not a singularity.” This is not to be compared with the book Baerbocks examined by him;

On Friday night, a comparison by the plagiarism searcher Martin Heidingsfelder was published on Twitter, which showed a striking similarity between a passage in the Laschet book and another publication. The scientist concerned Karsten Weitzenegger had made it public. Laschet admitted a mistake, apologized and announced an examination of his book.


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