Norbert Tarayre hilarious after the blunder of a candidate for The best bakery in France on his daughters (VIDEO)

This Thursday, January 13 in The best bakery in France, Norbert Tarayre and Bruno Cormerais met Thierry, an artisan baker who seems to have some difficulty remembering the first names of his daughters.

This is the favorite show for lovers of traditional baguettes, butter croissants and other gourmet brioches. For more than a week, The best bakery in France is back on M6 with a ninth season, which promises to be full of surprises. At the controls of the program, viewers find the charismatic duo made up of the cook Norbert Tarayre and the best worker in France Bruno Cormerais. A tandem always so benevolent and filled with humor. “I am always very happy to be with Bruno. We get along very well! I am preparing my CAP as a baker; I would like to pass it, in any case I have a great trainer!“, recently confided the former candidate of Top chef, who posted on his Instagram account a nostalgic photo of his debut.

A baker proud to work as a family

This Thursday, January 13, Norbert Tarayre and Bruno Cormerais visited two bakeries, one of which is located in Louviers, a town of 18,000 inhabitants in the department of Eure. There, the two animators met Thierry, a 53-year-old artisan baker, who runs his shop thanks to the precious help of his four daughters : Estelle (30 years old), who holds the position of manager, Gaëlle (29 years old), who is responsible for communication, Léa (25 years old), who officiates as a saleswoman, and Léa (12 years old), who wishes to work alongside her dad when she is older. Something to delight the head of the family. “Working as a family is great! There’s nothing better than working with your daughters. Besides, they are adorable as hell and see the four all the time here, it’s really good“, he said facing the camera.

Thierry makes a big blunder on his daughters

When they arrived at Thierry’s bakery, Norbert Tarayre Bruno Cormerais wanted to know more about the artisan baker and his faithful collaborators. Proud to work with his daughters, the latter unfortunately got tangled up when presenting them to the two presenters of the culinary competition. somewhat disturbed, the shopkeeper confused his two eldest children and called his daughter Estelle”Gaelle“, before quickly realizing that he had made a dumpling. Enough to make Norbert Tarayre laugh a lot.”I adopted them yesterday“, dropped the famous chef to make fun of the father of the family. Fortunately, neither Estelle nor Gaëlle took it badly!

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