November horoscope: 3 zodiac signs are now unfairly deceived

November horoscope
3 zodiac signs that will be betrayed this month

November horoscope: three zodiac signs face a bitter disappointment for the time being


How mean: three zodiac signs will fall victim to lies and deceptions this month they would never have expected.

It makes you cry: autumn is already cloudy enough, and then three zodiac signs are also victims of a devious deception that finally spoils their good mood. Often this betrayal is also completely unexpected and without a previous conflict, which makes the nasty surprise for them all the deeper.

November Horoscope: These three zodiac signs will now be disappointed

Many of these zodiac signs take it particularly hard to heart that they are so deviously deceived. But despite all the anger, they too go out of the situation as winners afterwards – because they manage the feat of not falling for such deceptions in the future without becoming cynical or losing trust in humanity at the same time. On the contrary: it soon becomes apparent that the real losers are the people who behaved so underhand towards them.

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