NVIDIA aims for improved availability of graphics cards from July


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January 17, 2022 at 10:15 a.m.




Promised for a while, the improvement of the situation graphics cards
however, seems to have to be clarified.

At the start of the school year in September 2021, Lisa Su, CEO of AMD, had mentioned a ” possible » improvement of the situation on the graphics card side for the second half of 2022. NVIDIA today abounds in its direction.

A very strong demand

Far from being an absolute truth, the thing was evoked by Colette Kross, the financial director of NVIDIA, during an interview granted to Seeking Alpha. Ms. Kross begins by taking stock of the situation. State of affairs that will not surprise anyone.

We have seen strong demand for GeForce throughout 2021. And that demand continues to remain strong, even stronger than the inventory we had. Demand for the end-of-year celebrations, for example, was strong, particularly for laptop

Colette Kross also points out that the year 2021 has been exciting in terms of video games, citing in particular simultaneous user records on Steam, for example, with 28 million players at a time. She adds that demand for graphics cards will remain high with a likely “ momentum for creative applications like Metaverse “.

July and the entire second half of 2022

NVIDIA therefore does not expect a drop in demand and if Colette Kross does not provide any precise figures, she points out that production will increase so that graphics card stocks should be higher from July 2022.

Today, demand exceeds supply for some of our activities. We have reported this in the video game, but on the data center side there are tensions as well. We are working on getting a larger supply in the long term. In the second half of 2022, we should be in a much better position“.

It is “amusing” to note that this improvement in the situation could coincide with the presentation of the next generation of NVIDIA GPUs: the Ada Lovelace architecture at the heart of the future GeForce 4000 could be presented during the third/fourth quarters of 2022 in believe certain indiscretions.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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