Nvidia’s GeForce MX550 barely outperforms an AMD Ryzen 5000 integrated GPU

A synthetic benchmark of the future Nvidia GeForce MX550 portable graphics card has surfaced and the results are not so good for the moment: it would be a bit more efficient than the iGPU of AMD Ryzen 9 5900HS processors…

Nvidia’s GeForce “MX” series of graphics cards are not intended for the gaming, but it is embedded in some laptops that want to take advantage of hardware acceleration in some applications, for photo and video editing in particular. A generally welcome slight boost, but all does not look rosy in the future for these small GPUs.

AMD iGPUs in good shape

Announced in December, the MX550s are discreet, but a first benchmark discovered by Tum_Apisak revealed a score of 5014 on PassMark software. This is barely more than the score displayed by the integrated GPU of AMD Ryzen 9 5900HS processors (4968 points), which raises questions about the usefulness of installing such a dedicated graphics card, which takes up space in a chassis. in addition to increasing the consumption of a PC and limiting its autonomy… In addition, AMD unveiled Ryzen 6000 processors at CES, whose new RDNA 2 architecture should offer much better performance than the Ryzen 5000, tilting the balance a little more in his favor.

However, care should be taken with this benchmark taken from a single reading of the MX550, which may not be entirely significant. Indeed, the integrated GPUs of processors are generally less efficient than dedicated GPUs for good hardware acceleration in “pro” applications, and Nvidia models are generally compatible with more software. The performance gain compared to the previous generation of MX450 should also be appreciable.

In any case, we should be able to test the MX550s in the spring if the Nvidia schedule is maintained, which is around the same time as AMD’s Ryzen 6000s.

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