Olema didn’t tell her parents about the show

Questioned by Télé-Loisirs the day after her impressive performance in The Voice, Olema revealed why she had not spoken to her parents about her participation in the show.

Several performances delighted the ears of the jurors during the second number of blind auditions The Voice 2024. One of the candidates stood out as much for her voice as for her resemblance to Vanessa Paradis and Jane Birkin, another made a funny false note and yet another impressed with her talent as a “stage beast”. But Olema, a former industrial engineer, is undeniably one of those who were most noticed during the show broadcast on Saturday February 17, 2024 on TF1.

At 27, the young woman gave up everything to devote herself body and soul to singing. If she does not regret this decision, she is willing to admit that it is a significant risk. So important, in fact, that she preferred not to tell her parents about it. Asked by Tele-Leisurethe one who arrived from Cameroon in 2014 revealed that they still lived in this African state. Not living with them allowed him to keep his participation in the show a secret.

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Olema (“The Voice 2024”): “I think they won’t take it well”

And if Mika’s protégé still wishes not to reveal anything to them at the moment, it is above all so as not to worry them. “My parents didn’t know at all [qu’elle avait arrêté l’ingénierie, NDRL]. I was trying to protect them but they will learn it with the show”, she worried. Anticipating, with concern but philosophy, a rather negative reaction, she continued: “I think they won’t take it well because they will be afraid for me. They will understand this choice over time. »

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As Olema clarified, her parents “made sacrifices so that[’elle] study.” “I had to respect them”, she considers. But, sometimes, it is also about respecting the powerful call of a passion. “Today, at 27, I told myself that if I didn’t take this risk now, I never would”, she revealed. To the delight of the jurors, and already won over fans, she now has to prove to herself that she was right.

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