Olli Schulz on “Das Hausboot”: “Bookings have collapsed since the Fynn mask scandal”

Olli Schulz on “The Houseboat”
“Bookings have collapsed since the Fynn mask scandal”

Fynn Kliemann and Olli Schulz (right) filming “Das Hausboot”.

© Brian Jakubowski/Netflix

“The Houseboat” by Olli Schulz and Fynn Kliemann is in crisis. His partner is now leaving the project, as Schulz reveals.

The joint creative project between musician and entertainer Olli Schulz (50) and YouTuber and web designer Fynn Kliemann (35) seems to be anything but going smoothly. In 2018, the two bought the old houseboat of the singer Gunter Gabriel (1942-2017), who died in 2017, in order to restore it and turn it into an oasis for artists. The project was released in March 2021 as part of a documentary series called “The Houseboat” on the streaming service Netflix. But business is “unfortunately going badly,” as Olli Schulz now says revealed in an interview with “Zeit”. He announces: Kliemann will “drop out of the project.”

Olli Schulz: “Bookings have collapsed since the Fynn mask scandal”

According to Schulz, the duo’s plan didn’t work. Their vision: They wanted to create a place in the houseboat that Gunter Gabriel lived in for 20 years that was at the same time a concert location, a music studio, but also a place of retreat. However, Schulz now explained: “The berth in Rothenburgsort is not suitable for events. And bookings have collapsed since the Fynn mask scandal.”

He cannot currently say what will happen to Olli Schulz and the houseboat in the future: “My heart would bleed if I had to sell it. I have always dreamed of a houseboat and enjoy spending time there.” The entertainer remains silent about the current relationship between him and Kliemann.

“The Houseboat” was released on Netflix in March 2021

The Netflix documentary “The Houseboat”, released on March 9, 2021, shows the transformation of the once rusty barge into a place for music and creativity. Schulz and Kliemann had the highs and lows of the mammoth project documented over the course of two years. It was only during the renovation that it became clear how broken the houseboat on which the late singer lived for years in Harburg’s inland harbor really was. As a result, unexpectedly high costs and a variety of problems arose.


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