On “Sing my Song”: Special guest appearance from Peter Maffay announced

In “Sing my song”
Special guest appearance from Peter Maffay announced

Show host Johannes Oerding (l.) and special guest Peter Maffay.

© RTL / Boris Breuer

The field of participants in this year’s eleventh season of the VOX show “Sing my Song – The Exchange Concert” already has well-known names to offer. But one star has now been announced as a special highlight of the new episodes, which are once again being created in South Africa: “Peter Maffay will be there as a special guest for an exchange evening at Sing meine Song”, it says on the TV format’s official Instagram page.

The joint post from show host Johannes Oerding (42) and Maffay (74) followed a little later a joint video. “I’m looking forward to it – it’s going to be exciting,” says the veteran star, looking highly motivated towards his performance. Oerding, on the other hand, is sure in the short clip that it won’t just be exciting – “it will be crazy!”

The “Sing my Song” veteran is also happy: “As host and participant of ‘Sing my Song’, I have already had the honor of experiencing an exchange evening with my songs four times. This year I am handing over this privilege to my good friend Peter Maffay off. I can guide you through his evening and together we will reinterpret his greatest songs. A special evening for a special guest!”

The star guest in question doesn’t yet know exactly what he can expect: “I’ve never experienced anything like this in my long career! This will be a first for me and I’m happy that they’re inviting me to spend an evening on their musical journey Take the journey with you. I’m excited to see how my songs are transformed.”

These are the regular participants

As announced, Peter Maffay will be there for one evening. The regular field of participants for the eleventh “Sing my Song” season was announced in September 2023. Included are singer-songwriter Tim Bendzko (38), Juli frontwoman Eva Briegel (45), soul singer Joy Denalane (50), rapper Eko Fresh (40), Broilers frontman Sammy Amara (45) and pop singer Emilio (27). This is the debut for each of the stars in the format in which musicians reinterpret famous hits by another participant. It is not yet clear when exactly the new episodes will be broadcast.


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