On the motorway – tank truck overturned: glue leaked

An overturned tank truck led to a total closure of the Pyhrnautobahn (Liezen district) in the south on Monday morning. The handlebars suffered serious injuries.

At around 5:50 a.m., a 47-year-old German drove his tank truck loaded with around 23,000 kg of adhesive on the A9, the Pyhrnautobahn, heading south. At the height of road kilometer 79, municipality of Rottenmann, the vehicle suddenly pulled sharply to the right for a previously unknown cause. The truck got over the edge of the road, grazed the right guardrail for a length of about 40 meters and finally slid across both lanes against the central partition made of concrete sliding walls. The vehicle tilted on its side and came to a halt across both lanes. The driver sustained severe rib injuries in the accident and was taken to the Kalwang Accident Hospital with the ambulance. Some liquid adhesive flowed from the damaged tank trailer onto the roadway, and around 100 liters of diesel from the torn up diesel tank spilled onto the roadway and into the soil of the adjacent embankment. The Selzthal, Rottenmann and Liezen fire brigades were able to prevent or prevent further fuel leakage by taking suitable measures bind the liquids that have already leaked out with suitable binders. The recovery of the heavy vehicle turned out to be extremely difficult, especially since the liquid adhesive in the tank first had to be pumped into another tank vehicle and only then could the erecting of the severely damaged vehicle begin. The scene of the accident was closed until 6.45 p.m. and a diversion was set up.
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