One Piece on Netflix: a Cobra Kai star steps into Zoro’s shoes and we have the images!

Netflix has unveiled a making-of video following a visit to the set of the “One Piece” series by Jacob Bertrand, one of the stars of “Cobra Kai”!

In the eyes of fans, there was only one actor to play Zoro and his name is Mackenyu. Totally inhabited by the role, to the point of having performed almost all of the character’s stunts himself, the American-Japanese actor convinced the majority of One Piece fans that he was indeed the best choice to play the role. swordsman with three sabers.

But the role of Zoro was coveted by many One Piece fan actors, starting with one of the stars of Cobra Kai. Thus, Netflix unveiled a featurette seeing Jacob Bertrand (the interpreter of Hawk in the Karate Kid series) go to the set of the adaptation of the cult manga.

On this occasion, Jacob Bertrand was able to test his own mastery of martial arts by participating in a choreography from the series, and slip for a few moments into the skin of Roronoa Zoro. A convincing result, but which will leave fans with no regrets due to the impeccable performance delivered by Mackenyu.

While One Piece has been renewed for a second season, remember that the Cobra Kai series will end at the end of its sixth season. However, filming for this final season has not yet been able to begin, due to the actors’ and screenwriters’ strike which is currently paralyzing Hollywood.

The One Piece and Cobra Kai series can be found exclusively on Netflix.

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