One Piece on Netflix: this Oscar-winning actress is campaigning for a role in season 2

An Oscar-winning actress has revealed on social media that she is campaigning for a role in season 2 of the Netflix series “One Piece.”

Long before the live-action Netflix series brought Luffy’s story to a wider audience, millions of fans have been passionate about the adventures of the young pirate since the big debut of One Piece in 1997.

Because it is a universal story, it is not surprising to see people of all ages captivated by its tale. Thus, for many years now, Jamie Lee Curtis has been among the most famous fans of Japanese anime.

Asked a few years ago during a convention about the role she would dream of playing, Jamie Lee Curtis did not hesitate for a second in answering Nico Robin, an emblematic character who has not yet appeared in the series. Netflix. The 64-year-old actress nevertheless felt that she would be too old to play this role.

No matter, since the Oscar winner for Best Supporting Actress (for the film Everything Everywhere All At Once) has set her sights on another character, who will appear in the next season of the series in real shots!

This is Doctor Kureha, a 141 year old female doctor (!). Nicknamed “the witch”, the latter is linked to the character of Tony Tony Chopper, teased by the author of the manga Eiichiro Oda in the video which announced the renewal of One Piece for a second season.

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In a message relayed on his social networks, Jamie Lee Curtis announced that once the strike is over – “with the fairest possible agreement” – she will campaign alongside fans to obtain the role of Doctor Kureha in the Netflix series.

And obviously, there won’t be many people to convince, since the co-showrunner of the program Matt Owens commented on the actress’ publication by responding “that no lobbying will be necessary” and that discussions will begin the minute the writers’ and actors’ strike ends.

The One Piece live-action series can now be found exclusively on Netflix.

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