Online Used Cars – Car advertisements often promise more than they deliver

Because of the chip crisis, it is currently taking an unusually long time until the new car that has been ordered is finally delivered. More and more people are therefore looking at the used market. But car advertisements often promise more than the vehicles hold, as an online used car dealer has found.

Most of the inadequacies are in the equipment: the most common “sins” concern 20 percent of the non-existent electrically adjustable seats, followed by cruise control and keyless entry. An “electrical seat” can mean a lot, say the Carvago experts Study have reviewed more than 10,000 cars across Europe. From a simple adjustment of the distance to the steering wheel to a four-way adjustment of the driver’s seat to optional comfort seats in luxury vehicles. 15 percent advertise cruise control in cars without cruise control. An adaptive cruise control is often advertised even though the car is only equipped with a “normal” cruise control. The third most frequently incorrectly specified equipment attribute was keyless entry, mostly from premium brands. Non-existent cars as a lure offer An important criterion especially for family cars are blinds and tinted side windows, in twelve percent of cases this feature is advertised, although none in the car can be found. And the second set of tires, mostly winter tires, is offered as inclusive in the classified ad, but at ten percent these are either sold separately or presented as a “free” additional service, especially when the customer begins to negotiate the price. Which the study does too produces: Cars are repeatedly advertised that do not even exist and only serve to lure customers to the dealer site.
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