Orange: Livebox Fiber 500 Mbit/s subscription is €19.99/month

As part of a limited-time pre-start offer, Orange is offering new customers the opportunity to subscribe to a Livebox Fiber 500 Mbit/s subscription at the monthly price of 19.99 euros. All the details of this new good plan are to be consulted in the rest of the article.

You have until Wednesday, August 17, 2022 included to take advantage of the Orange Livebox Fiber subscription at the price of 19.99 euros per month. The price in question is valid for one year and, beyond the period of 12 months, the price of the monthly subscription will increase to 41.99 euros.

Going back to the offer, the Livebox Fiber subscription from the number 1 telecom company in France includes high-speed Internet with a download speed of up to 500 Mbit/s in downlink (download) and uplink (upload) thanks to Livebox 5, as well as unlimited calls to landlines in mainland France and overseas departments. Thanks to the UHD 4K TV decoder (on request), it will be possible to enjoy 140 TV channels.

Finally, activation costs of up to 40 euros are requested for the 4K UHD TV decoder and termination costs from the former Internet operator may be borne by Orange up to a maximum of 150 euros (see conditions).

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