Orchestral Austropop – Rainhard Fendrich plays in the Festspielhaus

Almost 70 people stand on the stage at “Rainhard Fendrich symphonic” in the Great Festival Hall on Saturday and Sunday evening. The Austropop star traveled to Salzburg with the exceptional musician Christian Kolonovits – with heavy luggage: a 600-page score was written especially for the spectacle.

“Christian produced my first records – my first successful ones,” Rainhard Fendrich tells the “Krone” on the sidelines of the concert rehearsals in the Great Festival Hall. That was about 30 years ago. “The fact that we are now meeting again was of course also a rummage in the past for me. I dug up extra songs for this concert that are suitable for a large orchestra,” says the Austropop star. “If you look at the scores that Christian wrote especially for this production, it’s incredible. He actually had the most laborious work.” And Fendrich is not joking. Christian Kolonivits’ musical sheet music covers a total of 600 pages. “I wrote this in three months. It was an incredible effort, but it was also a lot of fun,” says Kolonovits. On the one hand incredible, on the other hand not. Kolonovits and Fendrich are perfectionists. Have conceived the extensive score down to the smallest detail together. Even if communication was often only over the phone due to the physical separation. During the rehearsals in the Great Festival Hall, which lasts almost a whole day with all those involved, the utmost precision is required of everyone involved. “The Salzburg Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra is a very young orchestra that has incredible vigour, listens well and is very attentive. They take on the atmosphere that we want very well,” enthuses Maestro Kolonovits. Rainhard Fendrich got goosebumps on the day of the rehearsal. “When the orchestra sounded behind me, I thought to myself: boom! Des is good!” The Austropop star also has its own choir providing vocal support. A total of around 70 participants will be on stage on Saturday and Sunday evening.
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