Order stop for Model 3 version: Tesla has delivery problems in the USA

Order freeze for Model 3 version
Tesla has delivery problems in the US

Tesla customers in the US cannot currently order the mid-range Model 3. Elon Musk justifies the order stop with the long waiting list. However, customers will have to wait even longer for another model.

Tesla temporarily no longer offers the Model 3 in North America in the medium variant. CEO Elon Musk said on Twitter that the waiting list was too long. The version will be offered again when production is ramped up. However, there is a certain contradiction, as “Teslamag” reports.

In the Tesla configurator for North America, the Model 3 can only be ordered as a basic or performance version, i.e. no longer as a “long range”. The middle Model 3 is still displayed in the configurator, but can no longer be selected. It is now under the other two variants with the note “available in 2023”.

The “Teslamag” rates the decision as surprising, because the estimated delivery times for the Model Y mentioned in the configurator went much further into the future. For the “Model Y Performance”, Tesla has announced a delivery for the USA in September, but as a “Long Range” it should be available in January at the earliest, maybe not until July. In China, the medium-sized Model 3 disappeared from the configurator without comment a year ago and has not yet returned, write the Tesla experts.

Only the Model 3 is therefore offered in a real basic version with a smaller battery and rear-wheel drive. Model Y, Model S and Model X are each with the same battery but more powerful drive in the program. With the Model 3 there is now a gap in the middle, while Tesla does not offer an entry-level version for the other three models.

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