Ordered on the Internet – mail intercepted: drug dealer is in custody

The next blow to the drug scene in the Weiz district: a 37-year-old dealer was arrested on Thursday who had ordered drugs on the Internet under various false names. Two intercepted mail became the man’s undoing.

On the same day that the successful smashing of a drug ring with a focus on Weiz became known, the drug investigators in the district can report another success: A 37-year-old dealer was arrested in Landscha.

He was discovered after two pieces of mail intercepted in February. Amphetamine, ecstasy, XTC tablets, LSD trips and cocaine could be seized.

Convicted in 2020
The investigation led to the 37-year-old man from the Weiz district. This was arrested on Thursday afternoon by order of the Graz public prosecutor. During the house search, synthetic drugs, cash and various narcotic items were found.

The man was already sentenced to imprisonment under the Addictive Substances Act in 2020, but he was allowed to wear an ankle cuff. The 37 year old According to the police, he confessed in part and was admitted to the Graz-Jakomini prison.