Orgasm: You have to know that


“The sexuality of women is generally considered a dark continent, but orgasm is certainly its most opaque district,” writes science journalist Rolf Degen. Well, we already know a bit. The 7 most important questions about the female climax – and their answers.

1. What exactly happens during orgasm? 

During orgasm, the vagina forms an “orgasmic cuff”: its outer third contracts five to twelve times at the rate of 0.8 seconds. There are also rhythmic contractions in the uterus and pomaculature. At the same time, in many women the circulation of the uppermost layers of the skin increases to a maximum, called the “sex flush”.

2. What role does the brain play? 

During orgasm , the areas of anxiety and anxiety in the brain almost completely disappear, according to a study from the Netherlands. In addition, the brain area, which is responsible for the emotional control of the woman, partially disabled. In parts of the so-called reward system in the brain, however, the nerve cells fire signals. This leads to the fact that the body’s feel-good substances such as dopamine are released.

3. How many women have orgasm during sex? 

One does not know exactly: Scientific studies come to very different results. The proportion of women who rarely or never have an orgasm during sex is estimated to be at least 10 to 30 percent. In contrast, probably reach about 30 percent of women often an orgasm during sex. There is a consensus that women with more sexual experience are more likely to peak because they learn to better fulfill their wishes. 

4. What role does orgasm play for sexual satisfaction? 

A controversial topic. There are surveys in which 40 to 50 percent of women stated that they were satisfied with their sex life even without regular orgasm. A study by the Berlin Charité concludes that satisfaction has less to do with orgasm, but more with trust and communication. What does not mean, however, is that women in their sex life could do without an orgasm.

5. Why is it harder for women to come? 

Whether a woman comes to orgasm during sex depends on numerous factors. “The female orgasm is primarily a matter of mood, a question of self-admission,” is the result of a study by the Berlin Charité. The partner can therefore play a role, the situation (location, mood, etc.) and also the cycle.

6. How long does an orgasm last? 

Usually a female orgasm lasts a few seconds; but sometimes it can last up to a minute.

7. What is a multiple orgasm? 

While men are usually able to “recuperate” at the earliest ten minutes after the orgasm, women are able to experience multiple, ie “multiple” orgasms in no time at all. In fact, “super-orgasm” is rare: in an American study, only 13 percent of married women said that they had ever experienced highlights in series.