Outer Range Season 2: “Yellowstone” meets mystery sci-fi – first trailer for the sequel to the Amazon Prime Video series released


The second season of the Amazon Prime Video series “Outer Range” receives a first trailer. In the new episodes, Josh Brolin and Lili Taylor deal with a mysterious portal and many disturbing secrets surrounding the Abbott family ranch.

Outer Range, Prime Video - Season 2, 2024 First Look

Outer Range, Prime Video – Season 2, 2024 First Look (Source: Courtesy of Prime)

The Amazon Prime Video series is entering a second season. How might the time-manipulating hole affect the lives of Josh Brolin, Lili Taylor and Imogen Poots’ characters this season? What impact do Royal’s revelations about his family and the mysterious hole have on his future decisions? We’ll tell you what could happen next.

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Outer Range: Start date

Amazon Prime Video has announced that the second season of the sci-fi western “Outer Range” will be released on Thursday, May 16, 2024. There will be a total of seven episodes this season, all released at the same time, making them perfect for binge-watching.

Outer Range, Prime Video - Season 2, 2024 First Look

Outer Range, Prime Video – Season 2, 2024 First Look (Source: Courtesy of Prime)

Outer Range: Trailer

A first trailer for “Outer Range” season 2 has now been released. The Abbott Ranch is plagued by many mysterious events related to the portal that allows one to travel through time.

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Outer Range: Plot

Royal Abbott (Josh Brolin) is a rancher on the edge of Wyoming fighting for his land and his family. One day, however, he discovers a mysterious, dark and seemingly endlessly deep hole on the property of his farm.

In the second season, the entire situation surrounding the mystery of the mysterious hole on the Abbott family’s Westside Ranch becomes more intense. In particular, Royal and his wife Cecelia (Lili Taylor) now face a whole new difficulty and are desperately trying to keep their family together while their granddaughter has mysteriously disappeared.

With threats facing the Abbotts on multiple fronts, almost everything is now at stake. The characters of the second season are driven even further and deeper into the hole than ever before. The profound and unforeseeable consequences could even irrevocably shake the foundations of time itself.

Outer Ranger Season 2

This is what awaited you in the second season of “Outer Range”.

Outer Range: Cast

This season, alongside the main actor Josh Brolin (“Dune”, “Dune 2”), Imogen Poots (“Vivarium – The House of Her (Alpine) Dreams”), Lili Taylor (“Six Feet Under – Always Die”), Tamara Podemski (“Coroner – Homicide”), Lewis Pullman (“A Question of Chemistry”), Tom Pelphrey (“Ozark”), Noah Reid (“Schitt’s Creek”), Shaun Sipos (“Reacher”), Isabel Arraiza ( “Pearson”), Olive Abercrombie (“Night Sky”) and Will Patton (“Yellowstone”).

However, it has not yet been announced whether new faces will appear in the second season.

Outer Range: Production

In the second season, Charles Murray (“Marvel’s Luke Cage”, “Sons of Anarchy”) takes over the role of showrunner and executive producer from series creator Brian Watkins.

Furthermore, the executive producer and star of the series, Josh Brolin, will also celebrate his directorial debut in the sixth episode. Additional executive producers include Brad Pitt, Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner, Ernest McNealey, Josh Brolin, Tony Krantz, Heather Rae, and Jon Paré.

It is directed by Gwyneth Horder-Payton (Season 2, Episodes 1 and 2), Blackhorse Lowe (Season 2: Episode 4), Deborah Kampmeier (Season 2, Episodes 3 and 5), Josh Brolin (Season 2, Episode 6) and Catriona McKenzie (Season 2, Episode 7).

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April 14, 2022

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