Over 2 million euros of CS: GO skins stolen from a collector, a Steam flaw would be in question

The marketplace of CS:GO has some of the most precious cosmetics of the video game world. This led some gamers to start collecting skins, including HFB, a CSGO skin collector who has one of the most expensive collections in the world.

But, HFB’s account has just been hacked and all his skins stolen. This includes her skins Souvenier Dragon Lore AWP and #1 Blue Gem Karambit. According to the CS:GO skin expert, ohnePixelthe Karambit #1 Blue Gem alone is estimated at over $1.26 million. He even considers it to be “most expensive inventory ever.”

The pirate sold half of the items at full pricethen sent the other half to his own Steam account. The origin of the hack has not yet been discovered.but several players think it isa flaw related to Steam support who could give him access to the account.

zipelanother CS:GO skin expert, said that HFB didn’t been using his Steam account for over three years. And although he uses a mobile authenticator, his email and password have been changed. The expert added that the items sold belonging to HFB were slowly disappearing inventories of the new owners. This could be the result from a Steam error, with most trades rolled back. zipeL wonders if the hack didn’t happen only thanks to a major internal error.

Several questions are raised by this case. especially on Steam account security. Other collectors are currently very worried. At present, the HFB account has been banned by the community, probably to prevent other items in his collection are stolen and traded.

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