Over 40 droopy eyelids guide: 3 rules to emphasize your eyes correctly with make-up

Over 40 droopy eyelids guide
3 rules to properly emphasize your eyes with makeup

If you have droopy eyelids, it’s a good idea to do a few things differently when applying make-up – we’ll show you which ones.

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Don’t let droopy eyelids spoil your joy of eye make-up! For the extra skin on your lids, there are three rules you can follow to accentuate your eyes with makeup.

You are lucky, Droopy eyelids own? Then you are exactly right here! Most makeup tips and tutorials don’t apply here, as you’ve probably already discovered. But that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the joys of makeup. There are just a few things you can do differently to accentuate your eye shape. If you have this three rules If you follow this, you will look more awake and your gaze will be more open.

Over 40 Droopy Eyelids Guide: Your eye area will be happy about these 3 rules

Rules in makeup? This is of course complete nonsense. Because, as we know, everything is allowed in love and at the dressing table. The term “rules” only describes that there are certain techniques that many people who know a lot about make-up follow when it comes to applying make-up to droopy eyelids. How you ultimately do it is up to you – every line of eyeliner is right if you feel that way! We would still just share our three rules, because maybe you will enjoy reading them and they will help you.

1. Lash line top, eyelid flop

Do you also know these makeup tutorials in which 13 different colors are blended onto the eyelid using five different brushes? We have good news for you, hooded eyelid gang: you don’t have to listen to them. Because what still looks great with your eyes closed disappears into oblivion when your eyes are open. There is simply no point in using dark eye shadow to define your eye crease or to softly blend out the transitions for hours. Thanks to our extra skin, we can save this time and devote it to another region.

Namely this upper lash line – he is happy about special treatment! Here you can really let off steam. Here are a few examples of how you can use makeup on your upper lash line Eyes with drooping eyelids can emphasize:

  1. Tightlining: With a kajal or gel eyeliner you can really thicken your lash line and create a strong expression. All you have to do is simply apply your brown or black color from below between your lashes and paint your upper waterline.
    By the way, this works best if you align the mirror below your eye, because that way you look downwards, where your iris is. So you have clear path on the upper waterline! It’s best to use a waterproof product and if your eyes are watery, dry the waterline with a cotton swab. Here you will find step-by-step instructions on how everyone can achieve tightlining!
  2. Second eyeliner: Tighlining starts at the bottom – but we can also do a lot from above. Using a slanted eyebrow brush and some dark eye shadow, we cleverly approach the upper lash line and press the product between the eyelashes with small zigzag movements. So we conjure up one Eyeshadow eyeliner, without any broken nerves or smeared black paint. Don’t forget the inner and outer corners of your eyes and enjoy visually thicker eyelashes.
  3. Mascara + tongs: Of course, doing your eyelashes isn’t an insider tip, but it’s just so important to make your eyes look more open and larger. The momentum is particularly crucial. If an eyelash curler hasn’t been part of your routine yet, you should consider changing that. Light warmed with a hairdryer you place them at the base and then follow the length of your eyelashes with small squeezing movements. This way, every part of your hair is bent and keeps the ultimate bounce! This immediately makes you appear more awake and your droopy eyelids have no say at all.

Since your eyelashes will certainly touch your eyelid when you open your eyes, it’s worth it waterproof mascara to use or a so-called tubing mascara, which smudges less. For oily eyelids (oil dissolves the mascara formulation), simply use one Powder the eyelids with transparent powderto neutralize excess sebum.

2. Shimmer always works

As we just heard, spending hours blending eyeshadow on your hooded eyelids is a waste of time. However, that doesn’t mean we have to do without it completely. Instead of going for matt tones, just go for it Shimmer eyeshadow and distributes it with the ring finger all over the eyelid. If you have droopy eyelids, this can mean that you have to lift the eyelid slightly with the help of your other hand or a brush handle in order to really distribute the color everywhere. By distributing a tone everywhere, it won’t be noticeable if it is actually irregular due to excess skin – since you don’t follow a specific shape when applying it, your eyes will shine uniformly and beautifully.

It’s best to choose an eyeshadow with very fine shimmer pigments and no one coarse glitter. A champagne or rosé tone is a particularly elegant choice. Don’t forget to apply the light eyeshadow liberally inner corner of the eye to distribute and ultimately open your eyes! You can also apply a little to the lower lash line, about halfway up the eye. With these rankings, no glitch can stop you.

Here you can see very clearly how the shimmer eyeshadow opens the eye in the inner corner. The skin color between the eyelashes cannot be seen because tightlining was used here, i.e. the upper lash line was thickened with eyeliner. In addition, as described, dark eye shadow was applied from above between the eyelashes for an eye shadow eyeliner. The eyelashes are curved and the eyebrow shape gives plenty of eyelid space for an open eye area. Also clearly visible: The eye shadow was not applied up to the eyebrow, the area near the brow bone remains light.

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3. More focus on the brows!

What do eyebrows have to do with droopy eyelids, you ask? EVERYTHING! They have been neglected far too often in the past, but we are now putting an end to it. The excess skin on the eyelids visually pushes the eyes downwards and makes us look a little more tired. If you want to counteract this, you now need to create space and visually lift the eye area. And how do we do that? Right, with ours eyebrows. We have a few different levers for this:


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