Overwatch 2: Antarctica, the new map unveiled by Blizzard – Overwatch 2

WhileOverwatch 2which has been available for free-to-play on most gaming platforms since October 2022, is about to welcome its third season, we were able to talk to the developers about the “Antarctica” mapwhich will soon be integrated into Blizzard’s FPS.

Information and visuals for the Antarctica map

Note, to begin with, thatAntarctica is a map for Overwatch 2’s “Control” game mode.. As its name and the visuals shared below show, Antarctica is a snowy map. However, it should be noted that the heavy presence of snow and ice has no impact on gameplay. Composed of different spaces, including an underground level nestled under meters of ice, Antarctica should offer a certain verticality.

Besides, Antarctica is a map that will bring lore elements to the players, in particular as regards the license and the history of this second opus. In this regard, the developers encourage the community to explore the map in every corner, because ” details ” And ” secrets can be found, but also to be interested in the penguins, present on the said map.

[…] I think you all know that we on this team like to hide things in maps. And there are, definitely, details to look for in the various places [d’Antarctica] […].

Gavin Jurgens-Fyhriehead of narrative design on Overwatch 2.

Antarctic Peninsula_4
To create the card design antarcticawho wants to be a map very ” organic », the developers have done a lot of research (books, documentaries, etc.) and have, according to their words, made a lot of concept art. Moreover, the studio had, at some point during development, implanted even more snow and ice on the map, before returning to this point and changing it.

According to the information shared, Antarctica will be available via Quick Play and Ranked Mode starting February 7, 2023 for the launch of Overwatch 2 Season 3.

Antarctic Peninsula_1
Let us recall, in conclusion, thatOverwatch 2 can be found on PlayStation consoles, Xbox as well as PC and Nintendo Switch, for free. In addition, if you are new to Blizzard’s FPS, know that we have prepared a third list of the best characters.

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