Overwatch League: A pro player discovers that he is fired by his team on Twitter!

It’s no longer a surprise for many, but communication on Twitter is not an easy thing to master… And it’s not the professional team ofOverwatch League, the New York Excelsior, who will say otherwise!

Unease for New York Excelsior on Twitter…

Indeed, on August 10, the American structure announced the departure of the South Korean player Myunbong, without having ensured beforehand that the latter was well aware of this rupture in the collaboration between him and the team.

Twitter post deleted by the New York Excelsior

myunbongwho at the latest news about him was still a New York Overwatch player, finds himself completely confused following his team’s tweet as evidenced by his August 10 tweet in the evening… The unfortunate anecdote with that is that he had no idea at any time that the arrival of player An Soon-jae in the team was sealing his future with the New York Excelsior.

As a reminder, Seo “Myunbong” Sang-min is a main support playing mainly champions like Ana, Baptiste or Zenyatta. He has a very honorable track record since he had good results by delivering great performances during the Overwatch Contenders in 2019 with a second place when he played for the O2 Blast team!

Communication on RS is not so simple!

Recent results are not in favor of the New York Excelsior with in particular inconclusive results in the Overwatch League since their victory during the Inaugural Season in 2018. But beyond the results of the team the other facet not to be neglect is the image to send back in a highly watched competitive environment and under the rapid fire of criticism through social networks.

It’s a big mistake and misunderstanding to see an esports team announce the departure of a player without informing the first interested party, especially since Myunbong arrived in 2022 in the team. We can understand his surprise as well as that of the fans who were not expecting this type of news. Unlike traditional sport where it is not uncommon to see players being transferred without their consent or even without their being informed (example with the NBA), in esports it is not yet something very widespread especially at the level of professional structures which very often have to show white legs in terms of communication and image.

Official statement of the New York Excelsior

In order to limit the damage, the New York Excelsior team tried somehow to shed some light on the situation while apologizing to Seo “myunbong“Sang-min and to the fans for this miscommunication. Hoping that this type of error does not happen again for them or other esports teams, because it is never really pleasant to learn that you lose his work on Twitter after thousands of people… All the more so in a still young environment where players are not always prepared for this, whether it be on the exposure or the pressure generated.

There’s trouble at the Overwatch Summer Series Tournament! In question, a lack of communication which caused the interruption of a key match of the tournament. A discord that has led some pro teams to quite simply… go on strike!

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