Palo Santo, this "sacred wood" with many benefits


To drive out bad energies, it is necessary to regularly purify your interior. Recognized for its purifying and relaxing properties, Palo Santo allows it to bring peace and harmony. Zoom in on this "sacred wood" which is talked about a lot!

Native to South America, Palo Santo is known for its purifying and relaxing properties. Its use dates back to the Inca and Mayan shamans who used it to soothe ailments of the mind and body, but also to purify objects and places. Also called "sacred wood", it is used in particular to drive out bad energies and purify the interiors. Today, it is also used to feel good at home, since it also promotes calm, concentration and meditation.

The benefits of Palo Santo

Palo Santo has many benefits, both for the body and for the mind:

  • It purifies and drives out bad energies. The places in which you live register the emotions and negative waves that are there. When wood is burned, it removes these bad energies to restore peace and calm.
  • It helps relieve stress. Palo Santo significantly helps reduce anxiety, stress and helps with clarity of mind. It also promotes concentration and meditation.
  • It is a natural anti-inflammatory. Used in oil, Palo Santo relieves joint pain, colds and headaches.
  • It promotes appeasement. Thanks to its sweet and natural scent, Palo Santo soothes ailments of the mind and body.
  • It perfumes and deodorizes the house. Its woody and balsamic aromas eliminate unpleasant odors and perfume all the rooms of the house.

What is the difference between white sage and Palo Santo?

The benefits of white sage and Palo Santo are totally similar, so you can use either of them at home. The stick of white sage is thicker, it consists of small leaves joined together and surrounded by a string. The Palo Santo, on the other hand, is shaped like small sticks of firewood.

How to purify your interior with sage or Palo Santo?

To purify your places of life and dwellings, sage and Palo Santo must be burned. Their use must be done in a ventilated place, all the windows in your home must be open so that the smoke can properly escape and take with it all negative energies.

  • Light the stick. When it catches fire, count 30 seconds then blow gently on the flame to extinguish it. Place the stick on a small glass container or ashtray.
  • Walk around every room in your home so that the smoke goes everywhere. For this ritual, preferably start from the entry point.
  • You can also pass the smoke from the stick around you, to cleanse your body of bad energies.
  • Turn off the stick and ventilate your interior for at least 15 minutes.

Be careful, never leave a burning sage or Palo Santo stick unattended!

When should you purify your interior?

  • When the place is or has been exposed to painful events and / or experiences – personal or not – negative (breakup, argument, death, illness, bereavement, fire, burglary, etc.).
  • When you do not feel well or when you simply feel the need (stress, anxiety, fatigue, tension etc.).
  • When you move to a new place, to release the energies left behind by the old inhabitants and start from scratch.

Where to buy Palo Santo or white sage?

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