Paris Hilton: In an interview, she talks about her desire to have children

Paris Hilton
In the interview she talks about her desire to have children

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In an interview, Paris Hilton says that becoming a mother is now her top priority and also reveals how many children she really wants.

Paris Hilton, 40, made headlines for years as a rich and spoiled Hollywood party girl, but her priorities have changed radically. As she reveals in an interview with “Entertainment Tonight”, Paris today has a strong need for family life and normalcy. At least since she met her great love Carter Reum, 40, and married in November 2021, the desire to have her own family has grown.

Paris Hilton longs for the next relationship milestone

“He’s everything to me,” Paris said of her husband in an interview with US TV show Entertainment Tonight, although she admits she’s still getting used to using the word “husband” at all. “Just saying that word was very strange for me at first, but we were together 24/7, so even before we got married to him I felt like a married couple.” Paris and Carter went on their dream honeymoon straight after their “fairytale wedding”, which ended up lasting a full seven weeks. But now that they’re both home and back to normal, Paris wants nothing more than to reach another milestone in their relationship.

Your desire to have children is now a priority

Paris has clear ideas when it comes to family planning and now wants to become a mother for the first time as soon as possible. “I can’t wait,” reveals Paris. “That’s definitely one of my top priorities.” If it were up to her, Paris would like to have “two or three children”. “I would prefer to have twins first,” explains Paris. “I always wished I had an older brother because I felt like he would protect me at school. So maybe a boy first,” Paris adds, smiling.

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