Passports, scholarships … Administrative procedures will soon be simpler and faster

PERSONAL LIFE – A text voted on Tuesday by the deputies aims to simplify many administrative procedures of daily life, such as the payment of alimony or the renewal of passports.

The daily life of the French should soon be simpler. Because this Tuesday, January 4, the deputies voted for a text which aims to simplify many administrative procedures, such as the payment of alimony or the renewal of passports.

Lyazid Ibn Salah worked in events. From December 2020, for lack of activity, he received the RSA for six months, and was entitled to free complementary health, the CS2. To benefit from it, he had to fill out a form of about ten pages. “I still had to take a good half day”, he says.

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Except that a year later, his supplement was still not active. “Unfortunately, for a year, (…) I continued to pay my private health insurance fund up to 163 euros per month”, he continues. It is to resolve hiccups like this that the Ministry of the Public Service has decided to simplify certain administrative procedures.

Henceforth, there is no need to drown in paperwork: subscription to complementary solidarity health is automatic as soon as a person receives the RSA.

Alimony and scholarships

As for alimony, it will no longer have to be paid each month by one of the spouses, but everything will be done automatically via an agency. Same process for scholarships: at college, you just need to complete the application once from the 6th year. It will then be updated in subsequent years using data from the tax administration.

“Redo the same papers every year … I tell myself that there should be the computer means to keep the files. That will be very good”, reacts a father in front of the camera of the 20H of TF1, in the video at the top of this article. “The tax administration recorded our data. So you might as well use it for that, and not just to collect taxes”, adds a woman.

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If all of these steps are intended to make life easier for the French, some believe that not everything should go through the Internet or the telephone. “What is unbearable is falling on a voicemail box, and not a person”.

The reform also provides for reminder measures. So, for example, you will receive an SMS six months before your passport expires. Other simplification measures will be announced in the coming weeks.

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