Patrick Bruel: this tender reason why he will not go to Qatar for the World Cup

Football fan, Patrick Bruel will not go to Qatar. The World Cup, which begins this Sunday, November 20, he will follow it far from this country for a very specific reason.

D-3. On Sunday, November 20, the FIFA World Cup will officially open. If the players of the 32 selections in the running, supporters from many countries and journalists from all over the world have already arrived in Qatar, this is not the case for Patrick Bruel. Yet present in Russia, in 2018, to attend the coronation of the Blues of Didier Deschamps, the singer has indeed not planned to go to this Gulf country. And this for an adorable reason that he revealed in the columns of Parisian this Thursday, November 17. “I’m not going because I want to follow the World Cup with my children in the United Statesexplained the dad of Léon and Oscar, who live in the USA with their mother, Amanda Sthers. I have no other reason than that.”

The singer also reacted to the many controversies surrounding this competition since the awarding of the World Cup to Qatar. “Afterwards, on the current controversies, we had to ask ourselves the question ten years ago. At that time, I wondered, assures Patrick Bruel in the columns of our colleagues. It’s a real subject in terms of ecology, human rights, but it was not born today.” A few days before the start of the World Cup, he “Think of one thing: of those who did not choose to play this Cup in Qatar”, the players of the selections therefore. “They are 20, 25, 30 years old. They are sometimes at their first or their last World Cup. For the players, the supporters, I find it a hostage-taking to decide on a boycott today”he analyzes.

Patrick Bruel: “we have everything to win” the World Cup

In the United States with his children therefore, Patrick Bruel will follow “obviously” the matches of the France team and hopes that the players of Didier Deschamps will manage to score a double. “I give France the winner every time. In 2018 in particular, I had no shadow of a doubt. I then wrote to the team: ‘Play together and you will be untouchable’, he said. We have the best players in the world in every position. We have a big deficit by losing our midfield which is so important. But it will be an opportunity for young people to show their potential. We have everything to win it. We don’t have such a difficult group.” The singer is therefore preparing to fly to the USA, where he used to go since his separation from Amanda Sthers. “When the question of leaving for the United States came up, it was a collective decision”he confided.

“I spent a lot of time there and I still spend a lot of time there, added Patrick Bruel in the columns of Gala this Thursday, November 17. With their mother, there was always an extraordinary understanding, the desire for a common education. There is not a single time when a big decision has not been made without consulting each other, I am very present at their side.” Dad of two teenagers, Patrick Bruel is close to his teenagers. “Oscar is in his third year of medicine at university in the United States. Léon is in his final year”he told our colleagues before making a surprising revelation about them: “Music is very present in their lives: they play the guitar, they sing… It wasn’t that obvious!” Like their famous dad, Léon and Oscar will therefore not miss the World Cup.

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