Paul Rudds of “Sexiest Man Alive”: The funniest Internet reactions to choose from

Paul Rudds of “Sexiest Man Alive”
The funniest internet reactions to choose from

The “Sexiest Man Alive” of 2021: Paul Rudd.

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Why was Paul Rudd named “Sexiest Man Alive”? Because he is a “highlander” with a fountain of youth who does not age.

The fact that Marvel star Paul Rudd (52) would inherit the trophy as “Sexiest Man Alive” from last year’s winner Michael B. Jordan (34) probably nobody had on the screen. Rudd’s “Avengers” colleague Chris Evans (40) was given good chances this year. It had long been clear that Captain America would ultimately not see a country against the Ant-Man. At least, if you have the best network reactions to the choice to heart.

Chris Evans is losing out

In fact, the duel was decided beforehand. It has been countless times since Rudd’s election shared an old clip, in which US comedian Billy Eichner (43) suddenly asks a pedestrian who she would rather have sex with – Chris Evans or Paul Rudd. As if shot from a pistol, she replies: “Paul Rudd, for sure. He’s from ‘Clueless’ and he’s not aging!” Only after her answer does the woman realize that both Rudd and Evans are standing right in front of her. While Rudd is allowed to listen to a few more compliments, Evans is chased away with the words: “Can you please leave? (…) Let the beautiful people talk to each other!”

Speaking of “Clueless”, the 1995 comedy in which Rudd plays Josh Lucas. A Twitter user did the math again: “Damn it, it’s been 26 years since ‘Clueless’ premiered. But that’s only six months in Paul Rudd’s time.”

Eternal fight with Jared Leto?

In general, the network agrees that the actor does not age despite his 52 years. An artist imagined what the Avengers could look like in around 30 years. Of course, the Ant-Man still looks like it did on the cover of “People” magazine. Another user wrote about this: “I just can’t believe they used a photo from 1994 for Paul Rudd’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ cover.”

While a Twitter account askswhether the actor “finally reveals where the fountain of youth is”, another wants the answer thanks to Christopher Lamberts (64) already know “Highlander”: He “is a mystical immortal or a true Highlander. I wonder how many heads Paul Rudd has already collected. Is it his destiny to fight Jared Leto? There can only be one.”


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