Pay attention to the words you say to your children

According to experts and various studies, the words that are said to his children when they misbehave can mark them for life. It is therefore important to differentiate between a child's bad behavior and him.

It’s well known, the words that we hear during childhood mark us. We probably don't realize it at the time, but some of them impact us later, growing up, when the time comes to build. In an article published in 2018 in the newspaper Psychology Today, Melanie Greenberg, doctor of psychology declared that “Treating a child of selfishness or suggesting that he has a problem is harmful”. At that age, a child believes everything they are told. These words resonate in him and eventually become reality in his mind. By internalizing these negative labels, it will be constructed by thinking that it is "not good enough". Also, when a child behaves badly, it is very important to make him understand that it is his behavior that is bad, and not him.

Heavy psychological consequences

In a study published in the journal Child Development, conducted with 900 families, it has been shown that adolescents subjected to verbal abuse by their parents were more likely to accumulate anger in them, to be irritable, to be depressed and to feel bad. behave at school. The study also found that verbal abuse was ineffective in improving a child's behavioral problems.

The lead author of the study, Ming-Te Wang, said that “The idea that severe discipline is of no consequence as long as there is a strong bond between the parents and the child is wrong. The love of the parents has apparently failed to mitigate the effects of severe verbal discipline ".