PAYDAY 3 completely misses its launch, it was even unplayable on PS5

PAYDAY 3 will be officially released in two days, but players who had pre-ordered the editions Silver Or Gold could play it last night. That was the theory, because despite the closed then open betas organized by Starbreeze, the cooperative heist game was really broken in the last few hours.

On social networks, the players did not fail to point the finger major server problems, bugs of all kinds and even crashes. On PlayStation 5 it was even worse, it was completely impossible to start a game, PAYDAY 3 just received an update on the console Sony to finally correct the problem, after hours of waiting for the fans. And fortunately Denuvo was removed at the last moment on PC…

A complicated start for PAYDAY 3, remains to be hoped that Starbreeze will manage to correct all this before September 21, official release date of the game on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. You can buy PAYDAY 3 in Day One Edition has €29.99 on Amazon.

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