Pedro and Jefferson as a couple or close to divorce? Their cash response

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It’s time to take stock for Pedro and Jefferson, candidates for “Married at first sight” (M6). Their relationship, hitherto complicit, was marred by Pedro’s doubts. In the last episode, they gave their final decision on their relationship.

79% compatible according to experts at Married at first sight (M6), Pedro and Jefferson showed a lot of complicity for each other. Their honeymoon in the Balearic Islands allowed Pedro to confide in her husband about his difficult childhood. After five days of separation, Pedro packed his bags for a stay with Jefferson, in Metz. A romantic parenthesis, where he notably taught her how to make an apple pie. The two spouses took the opportunity to project themselves into the future. They seemed to have agreed on a life together in Paris.

But after that stay, shown in the Monday, May 29 episode, Pedro gave Jefferson little news. A cold shower, when they had continued to chain video calls after their first separation. “I haven’t heard from him for several days and it annoys me because I miss him. I’m a very nice person but if things don’t go well, I take my clicks and my slaps!” Jefferson told the camera. So he joined Pedro in Paris for them to explain. Pedro thus confided not to project himself. “That, I don’t want to hear”retorted Jefferson. “His shell is good, but before the shell, there is respect. You don’t marry someone without planning for a few monthsotherwise we are completely crazy”he insisted in front of the camera.

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Pedro and Jefferson decided on their future

After their discussion, the two men spent a few days apart before meeting with the experts. And Jefferson was not reassured: “We never talked about this moment with Pedro. We never wondered what we were going to tell the experts. Pedro has a huge shell, it’s very difficult to know what he’s thinking. Gilbert Bou Jaoudé and Estelle Dossin made them review the images of Jefferson’s testimony on the homophobic attack he suffered. A first for Pedro, who said he experienced “a certain admiration in his way of reacting and going to the end of the experience while keeping a smile”. The two spouses then saw images of their wedding radiant with complicity. Then came the fateful question posed by Estelle Dossin: “Do you want to stay married or do you want to divorce?” Good news : the two men want to keep their rings on their fingers. “The experts have worked well, they have found a pretty person. I am very happy. I hope that only beauty will come out of all this, said Pedro. Jefferson is equally enthusiastic: “It’s the biggest madness of my life and I don’t regret it. The best is yet to come.”


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