Pensions: Nupes will table a motion of censure for a vote at the start of the week


After the failure of the attempt to repeal the retirement at 64, the left alliance Nupes announced on Thursday the tabling of a motion of censure against the government, with a view to a vote at the beginning of next week in the ‘National Assembly. “Faced with the anti-democratic coup (…) all the groups of the Nupes will carry a motion of censure which should be examined at the beginning of next week”, declared to the press the boss of the deputies LFI Mathilde Panot , surrounded by its partners.

A motion of no confidence that has a slim chance of working

The independent group Liot, which carried the repeal bill withdrawn on Thursday when it was unable to vote on its flagship measure, has not yet decided whether to join the initiative. “Discussions are still ongoing” with this group, whose motion of censure was narrowly rejected in March, said Mathilde Panot. The new motion has a slim chance of bringing down the government.

The Nupes groups made an “oath on Thursday to never give up the fight against retirement at 64 and to continue with our common objective of the right to retire at 60,” added the leader of the LFI group. “We do not conceive that there is an end point to the democratic process as decreed by the Prime Minister”, added the boss of the Socialist deputies Boris Vallaud.

“The government and Emmanuel Macron used the Constitution against the French”

He promised to continue “whenever possible, by all the means that are ours (…) to fight against this iniquitous reform”, considering that “in the weeks and months to come, there will be will have many opportunities to defend the French and the French”.

For the leader of the ecologist deputies, Cyrielle Chatelain, “the government and Emmanuel Macron have used the Constitution against the French”. Communist deputy Pierre Dharréville described Thursday’s session in the Assembly as “a day of vertigo for the Republic”. “The presidential majority, which is not a majority in this hemicycle, has decided to prevent the National Assembly from deciding, and from the start that has been its objective,” he said. An “institutional imbalance is taking hold, deeply worrying for democracy”.


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