Pentiment and Grounded, first Xbox exclusives to land on Switch

As one might expect, the Nintendo Direct on February 21 was the opportunity to unveil the first games exclusive to Xbox which will benefit from a port to Switch. On the other hand, it is ultimately not Hi-Fi Rush who will have the first one. The first concerned are in fact Grounded And
Penment. News which therefore confirms Microsoft’s intentions to reach an ever-wider audience through the porting of its exclusives.

The first puts you in the shoes of children miniaturized by an evil society. And at such a small size, a whole new world opens up to you. In this case, that of your garden. But this small piece of land which might seem peaceful to you at your normal size, will in reality be full of dangers to face. A real adventure to do alone or with friends of up to 4. Grounded will arrive on Switch on April 16, 2024

As for the second, Penment, it will be available from February 22, 2024. The opportunity for players to discover this narrative adventure signed Obsidian Entertainment which takes us into the heart of Christian society in the 16th century. In the guise of apprentice artist Andreas Maler, you will have to investigate what is causing trouble at Kiersau Abbey. A story, told in the guise of the most beautiful manuscripts from the end of the Middle Ages.

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