Perfidious idea from billionaires: “Enhanced Games” aim for world records with doping

Perfidious idea from billionaires
“Enhanced Games” aim to set world records with doping

A group of billionaires are designing the “Enhanced Games”, in which world records are to be set using doping substances. The financiers lure people with a million-dollar bonus and horrendous entry fees, but the rejection is huge. Anti-doping agencies are raging.

The controversial “Enhanced Games” project, in which world records are to be set using doping substances, is met with vehement rejection in world sport and by anti-doping organizations. The National Anti-Doping Agency considers the idea of ​​these games without borders to be “misleading and wrong,” it said in response to a request from the German Press Agency. “Enhanced Games” means something like improved or expanded games.

The promise of safe and fair sport by the organizers through “experimental doping” to athletes is “a dangerous fallacy”. Young people would be specifically encouraged to harm their own health. “From NADA’s perspective, this is ethically and morally absolutely reprehensible,” said the Bonn-based agency. She believes that recognition of world records set in the planned “Enhanced Games” is out of the question: “Only records that are achieved in compliance with the internationally recognized anti-doping regulations count.”

Athletes’ health at risk

The founders of the “Enhanced Games” project, a number of billionaires around the Australian entrepreneur Aron Ping D’Souza, want athletes with an entry fee of 100,000 US dollars and a world record bonus of one million US dollars win a participation.

The World Anti-Doping Agency also considers the “Enhanced Games” to be a dangerous and irresponsible concept. “The health and well-being of athletes is WADA’s top priority,” the world agency said. “This event would clearly endanger both by encouraging the abuse of powerful substances and methods that should only be prescribed for therapeutic needs and under the supervision of responsible medical professionals.”

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