Personality test: This is what your favorite scent reveals about you

Personality test
This is what your favorite scent reveals about your character

The perfect scent immediately puts you in a good mood – and often complements your personality.

The scent we are drawn to has many reasons – and can provide a deep insight into your personality. Here you can see what your favorite scent says about you.

Tastes are different: And of course this is especially true when it comes to perfumes, aftershaves and all other scents that we allow to touch us. Our favorite feeling can sometimes carry us through the whole day and give us a good feeling – no wonder that we usually get stuck on a scent when we have finally found exactly the one that suits us perfectly. In fact, our preference for our favorite scent is very closely linked to our personality – and, conversely, provides insights into our character’s strengths and talents.

Personality test: Tell me what you smell like and I’ll tell you what you’re like

It may sound like a cliché that lovers of floral scents are particularly romantic – but it’s actually true. But would you have thought that a strength of citrus scent fans is their strong sense of order and their talent for good organization? In the video you can see an overview of the most common scents – and what they say about you if you prefer to wear them every day.

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