“Pesticides are everywhere. You can change that. “

Vote yes on June 13th

“Pesticides are everywhere. You can change that. ” Become part of the commitment of the Initiative For a Switzerland without synthetic pesticides.

Votes are the backbone of Swiss democracy. So far, it has mostly been the big lobbies and parties that have controlled the formation of opinions. The vote on Switzerland without toxic, synthetic pesticides is different: it was set up by a citizens’ committee and wants to stand up to the big players from business and lobbies. The voting campaign aims to reach people all over Switzerland. So that voters can get good and fair information and not only lobbies and businesses set the tone, the campaign collects financial support and calls by Crowdfunding to help on.

Will you also be part of the commitment?

Only if everyone works together for a Switzerland without synthetic pesticides will there be a chance within 10 years of getting rid of the toxins that pollute the environment, water and food. Subscribe to the mailing list and help for a yes on June 13th. Or share the contributions of the initiative for a Switzerland without synthetic pesticides on Facebook and Instagram and inform those around you. Let’s make a yes on June 13th!

Synthetic pesticides are in food, water, and airborne. The initiative wants to ban these, as they cause great damage in the human body and even in unimaginably small amounts. Hormonal poisons, for example, can endanger the development of the unborn body, lead to various developmental deficits in small children and trigger various types of cancer.

Yes to stop the poison problem

The pesticide initiative tackles the poison problem consistently and thus creates fair conditions. The same rules apply to everyone, i.e. private individuals, the public sector, companies and agriculture. The import of food containing synthetic pesticides is also explicitly prohibited. This means that farmers in Switzerland get the same length of sticks and can work sustainably. Cheap and health-endangering food imports will be prevented in the future.

Published: 04/30/2021, 28 minutes ago

Last updated: 04/29/2021, 13:51