Peter Maffay: For his family! He turns his back on the stage

Peter Maffay
He announces his last live tour

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It’s hard to imagine German stadiums without Peter Maffay concerts. But fans of the nation’s rocker have to be very strong now: The ten concerts that Peter Maffay, 74, will give in Germany in 2024 will be the last of this size and frequency in his career and are entitled “Farewell Tour”. On Thursday, September 21, 2023, Maffay announced at a press conference in Cologne: “The time for a turning point has come,” reports the “Kölner Stadtanzeiger”, among others.

Peter Maffay on daughter Anouk: “I missed a lot in the past”

It only recently became known that Maffay secretly married his great love Hendrikje Balsmeyer, 36. With her he has daughter Anouk, who was born in 2018 – and for whom he wants to have more time: “Anouk will be five years old in November. I’ve missed a lot in the past. My time management in the past few years has sometimes been very bad . Among other things, the time for my family has suffered as a result. That’s exactly what I want to avoid in the future. My daughter’s graduation ceremony is still a bit far away, but I want to do it.” He also wants to have more time for his son Yaris, 19, and of course for his new wife and is therefore cutting back on live performances.

Peter Maffay and Anastacia open advance sales

Maffay’s “Farewell Tour” starts on June 21, 2024 in Rostock and ends on July 20 in Leipzig, a place steeped in history for Maffay. Here he played a legendary live concert in the then Central Stadium in the summer of 1990 in front of 60,000 enthusiastic fans. Other tour locations for 2024 are Hanover, Munich, Bremen, Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Stuttgart and Frankfurt. Maffay opened the advance booking for the farewell tour live together with superstar Anastacia, 55, who will accompany him on tour and with whom he recently sang his all-time hit “So bist du” in an English version.

Is it over forever?

Does the end of the tour mean that Maffay will never be seen live again? At the press conference, Maffay left a back door open for future live performances. His farewell to major live tours does not mean that he will avoid live stages completely in the future: “Individual performances or festivals are an option that I can imagine.” He’s now looking forward to having more time for his family, his Tabaluga Foundation and other hobbies – for example, farming: “I’m looking forward to doing a little digging.” Fans suspect it and hope: Peter Maffay will never completely retire.

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