Peter Maffay: Son Yaris says rare words about an unusual childhood

Peter Maffay
Son Yaris says rare words about his unusual childhood

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Peter Maffay, 74, has been successful in the music business for more than 50 years. Now his son also wants to try his luck, after all Yaris, 20, was born with a love of music. The two maintain a close relationship, even though dad Peter was away a lot.

Yaris Makkay: “Don’t hold grudges”

Yaris Makkay, Peter Maffay’s real name, lived with his mother Tania, 49, in Mallorca while his famous father played concerts. “He couldn’t be there for me so often. But that’s why I don’t hold any grudge,” says the 20-year-old in the “Bild” interview and remembers the moments when he accompanied him to concerts: “Dad was on stage and I was fooling around. That was completely normal for me.”

Until he was a teenager, Yaris didn’t realize that his father was a celebrated music star. “It was only then that I noticed people’s enthusiasm when he performed. I didn’t realize the extent of his popularity as a child. For me he was simply my dad,” he explains.

Peter Maffay is “very happy” with his son Yaris

Yaris is aware that he has big shoes to fill. “I have opportunities that other musicians my age don’t have. But the bar is damn high,” he knows. In 2021 he moved back to his home on Lake Starnberg. There he finds inspiration for his songs. The first work has been published a few weeks ago and is entitled “Feel”. A mini album and a club tour are planned. “I know I’m just at the beginning. But I’m ready for the big journey,” said Yaris.

He already has the support of his dad, Peter. “Yaris told me that he didn’t have a plan B. That’s when I recognized myself,” said the 74-year-old. He is “not a musical prodigy” but is willing to learn. “Yaris is hard-working, has a great heart and a lot of courage. I’m very happy with him. For 20 years he’s further along than I was back then.”

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