Philips pairs its OneBlade shaver with a smartphone

The Internet of Things (or IoT for Anglophiles) is a concept that has been known for a long time. For several years now, connectivity has been introduced into our household and hygiene appliances in surprising ways. The Dutch Philips seems to have made a specialty of these surprising associations by offering a number of applications dedicated to blenders and fryers. Hygiene products are not left out and the Sonicare electric toothbrush has also been honored with connectivity with a smartphone. It is therefore with a certain expertise in the field that one of the brand’s standard bearers, the OneBlade razor, not to name it, is associated with our smartphones equipped with the Philips Daily Care application.

Like the Sonicare BDE, the OneBlade 360 ​​QP4631/65 shaver is equipped with multiple sensors to analyze the user’s movements and guide them in handling their device. Thanks to multiple algorithms, the application is able to indicate that the blade has passed too quickly or that it has remained too long on a specific area: the idea is to achieve an effective shave that does not irritate not the skin. In addition, Philips Daily Care should help bearded men try out several styles of facial hair, from a simple pencil mustache to Van Dyke style, sideburns and even horseshoes. Thanks to a filter, everyone can discover on their phone screen what it will look like once the cut is made in order to avoid having to assume an unsuitable size. Be careful, if the user is already bearded, the result will be very little visible.

Except for this feature, the OneBlade 360 ​​QP4631/65 shaver is very similar to earlier versions of the device. We find the famous OneBlade double-sided vibrating blades whose shape is based on that of old mechanical razors to gain precision. Note that a 360 head is provided: it pivots back and forth like a classic OneBlade head, but also from left to right to perfectly match the curves of the face. The chosen Li-ion battery promises stable power, even after 60 minutes of shaving, for one hour of charging.

The OneBlade 360 ​​with Connectivity Face + Body QP4631/65 razor is already available for €74.99. This version comes with a USB cable to plug into a charger (not included), a rigid carrying case, a face guide, a body guide and an adjustable shoe. A less accessorized version OneBlade 360 ​​with connectivity Visage QP4530/30, without the shoes, the cable or the cover is also offered for €52.99.

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