PHOTO – Clara Luciani mother: she reveals herself alongside her baby

This Saturday, December 9, Clara Luciani gave her news on his Instagram account. The 31-year-old young mother shared a photo of her with her baby, born on September 18. His subscribers were able to admire the artist, smiling, holding his child in his arms. The little boy’s face is cut, but we see his hand gripping his mother’s finger. Clara Luciani surrounded this small affectionate gesture with a large pale pink heart.

The French singer had presented her baby for the first time to her subscribers a month earlier, on November 9. In this first selfie, Clara Luciani carried her one and a half month old son in a baby carrier. She had already taken care to hide her child’s face with a panda-shaped emoji. A few days earlier, to celebrate her son’s first month, the singer gave him an exact replica of his favorite shoes : the white Zizi brogues from Repetto. She took care to share a photo with their two pairs of identical shoes. “ A month of you “, she simply wrote as a caption.

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Clara Luciani mother: her “endless” pregnancy

At the beginning of September, the singer confided in her frustration with her pregnancy. Two endless things in 2023: my pregnancy and Oppenheimer », she wrote on an Instagram post, citing Christopher Nolan’s film, the length of which she seems not to have appreciated: three hours and one minute. In July, she joined her companion, Alex Kapranos, on stage at the Musilac festival.

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