PHOTO Stéphanie (Love is in the meadow 16) in love: this original gift that Hervé gave her for Christmas

Hervé and Stéphanie – flagship couple of the sixteenth season of Love is in the meadow – spent their first Christmas together. Blossoming with the Picardy farmer, the young woman shared on Instagram a new shot on which her subscribers could see the gift that Hervé gave her.

“The page is no longer blank”. It is a transformed and deeply in love Hervé who had confided, broad smile on his lips, on his first night of love with Stéphanie (first night with a woman, period). After a few days of cowardice and other low blows between suitors, the Picard had spurned the spicy Vanessa then greedily kissed his rival on the little wooden bridge. From this fiery kiss – widely commented on on social networks – was born a real passion, still intact months after the assessment of the sixteenth season of Love is in the meadow. ” I know beautiful things await us and we enjoy every minute we spend together. Because no matter what happens to us afterwards, nothing can be bigger than finding love Said in the columns of TeleStar the farmer – who had refused to participate in the M6 ​​show ten years ago.

And to build their cozy little nest, lovers could count on the help of Stéphane Plaza. During their last interview with Karine Le Marchand, they were surprised to see the face of the PAF’s most famous real estate agent appear on a screen. The dairy cow breeder and the caregiver then gave their main criteria: accommodation close to the farm. We do not know if the host of M6 has found them the rare pearl, but Hervé is now flying on his own, far from his mother Bernadette, ready to carry out a nice project with his partner. ” We’re talking about having a baby [plutôt que d’envisager un mariage, ndlr], because we are both in our forties and we shouldn’t wait too long », Explained Stéphanie.

Stéphanie spoiled by Hervé for Christmas

The fruit of love, there is no more beautiful gift. But while waiting to hear the tweets of a newborn baby, Hervé and Stéphanie are still savoring the joys of life together. On Instagram, the 40-year-old caregiver posted a new photo of the couple. “Thank you for all your messages, it touches us. Santa Claus spoiled us, we had a good time with the family (thank you for beautiful mother’s log, a delight) », she wrote in the caption of two photos. If Internet users were once again able to discover Bernadette’s culinary talents, some were attracted by a detail in the first image. “Very pretty your pendant”, commented a subscriber. Hanging on Stéphanie’s neck, an imposing blue jewel that will never leave her. “My Christmas present from Hervé”, she clarified. All that’s missing is a ring on the finger.

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