Pia Tillmann and Zico Banach: “Sommerhaus” participants become parents

Pia Tillmann and Zico Banach
“Summer House” participants become parents

Pia Tillmann and Zico Banach can be seen in the “Summer House of the Stars”.


Pia Tillmann and Zico Banach can currently be seen in RTL’s “Sommerhaus der Stars”. Now the couple announced that they are expecting a child.

actress Pia Tillmann, 37, and ex-“Bachelor in Paradise” participant Zico Banach, 32, are becoming parents. The couple gave this on Instagram known. “No words necessary,” wrote the two “Summer House of the Stars” participants with heart emojis on several pictures in which the couple is holding an ultrasound image in their hands. The two also had some fun and published a short clip with the comment: “If we had paid more attention in school.” In the video, the two kiss and Pia Tillmann’s baby bump can be clearly seen. “Why didn’t anyone tell us that kissing can get you pregnant?” the clip also says.

“Sommerhaus” colleagues congratulate

Numerous TV stars have already congratulated the couple on their baby happiness. “Oh my God. Congratulations,” Danni Büchner, 45, commented on the Instagram post. “All the luck in the world to you two great people,” wrote actor Lars Steinhöfel, 37. There were other kind words from Christina Dimitriou, 31, Serkan Yavuz, 29, and “Sommerhaus” colleague Aleks Petrovic, 32, who wrote: “Congratulations. I’m so happy for you! You deserve it and you’re going to be great parents.” Partner Vanessa Nwattu, 23, added: “I’m so happy for you! All the best here too.”

This is the first child for Pia Tillmann and Zico Banach; Tillmann already has a son. The two met on the set of the daily series “Köln 50667”. After his dating show experience, Banach joined the series in spring 2022 in the role of Carlos Janssen. He played the ex-lover of Tillmann’s role, Meike Weber. In June 2022, the two made it public that they were a couple in real life by attending a football game together. In the spring, the RTLzwei format reinvented itself with new actors, and the couple also left the show at this time.

While the two of them were at the “Summer House of the Stars” (RTL or RTL+) apparently survived without any problems, the reality TV show became fatal for another couple. A day before the start of the eighth season, RTL announced that Maurice “Mo” Dziwak, 25, and Ricarda “Ricky” Raatz, 31, were the first couple to split up after the recording. Ricarda said Maurice was not motivated enough at the “Sommerhaus” games, he explained in a statement. “I didn’t like the attitude on site at all.” She, in turn, said about her ex-partner: He had been “moody and loud” earlier in the relationship and had “put pressure” on her.


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