Pierre Garnier (Star Academy) cash on love: “Being in a relationship bothers me a little”

His life has completely changed. Since his victory on February 3, on the plateau of the star Academy, Pierre Garnier struggles to really realize what is happening to him. It must be said that everything went very quickly! The day after the telehook final, the 21-year-old young man continued his interviews. A few days later he released his title Those we werewhich he had the honor of performing on the evening of the final, thanks to a stunt from Dadju.

If we now know his voice like the back of our hand, we know a little less about his love life. As part of the Love Interview by Konbini published on YouTube this Wednesday, February 14, Valentine’s Day, the singer spoke about love. At the question : “Are you a romantic?”Pierre Garnier replied: “I consider myself a bit of a romantic, I watch romantic films, it’s true that I like it, paying little attention to all that”. The young man, however, affirmed that he does not see himself sharing his life: “But being in a relationship bothers me a little” he confided.

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Pierre (Star Academy) takes stock of his relationship with Héléna

The rumor is still circulating. Throughout the season, Pierre was at the center of Internet users’ love schemes. After being associated with Candice, the 21-year-old Norman made Héléna his partner at the Château de Dammarie-les-Lys. A rapprochement which did not go unnoticed by viewers. Near Gala, Pierre Garnier returned to his relationship with his Belgian comrade. “Frankly, we got a lot closer, because we have a lot in common musically. (…) Plus, we’re the same age. But in reality, we only created very strong friendly bonds, he confided. He added : “We came to the star Academy with a specific goal. We wanted to learn and become artists. So, there wasn’t much room for these things. It’s really just friendship.“. Invited to the microphone of NRJ Belgium, last Thursday February 8, he admitted to being tired of being romantically associated with Héléna. “At first, it amuses me but it’s true that it can become a little more boring in the long run. We know that between us there is only friendship.”

Photo credits: Konbini

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