Pierre Palmade remanded in custody or assigned to residence? Justice must decide

David Montagne

Involved in a road accident on February 10, Pierre Palmade should be fixed on his fate. Justice must decide this Friday if it places the comedian in pre-trial detention, as requested by the prosecution, or if he remains under house arrest. Should the star be present at the hearing? We take stock.

The Pierre Palmade case is back in court. This Friday, at 9 a.m., the investigating chamber of the Paris Court of Appeal will decide whether to place the comedian in pre-trial detention, as requested by the prosecution, or whether he remains under house arrest with an electronic bracelet , as decided by the judge of freedoms and detention. A hearing that raises several questions.

First question: will Pierre Palmade be present? It is not an obligation at this stage of the procedure, but he has in any case been summoned. Everything will really depend on his state of health. Another uncertainty: will the hearing be held behind closed doors? It is normally public – this is the rule in matters of pre-trial detention.

The comedian’s lawyers plead for his withdrawal

But Pierre Palmade’s lawyers could request the camera for the sake of discretion on certain details of his private life, for example. This question will be raised at the start of the hearing and decided immediately. The lawyers will then be able to express themselves on the issue of pre-trial detention. But the position of the public prosecutor’s office is also awaited.

Will he consider that Pierre Palmade’s place is behind bars, as the Melun prosecution had also requested? The comedian’s lawyers will try to convince the three judges that their client must continue with his withdrawal and thus avoid the prison box. The actor remains in any case presumed innocent. Deprivation of liberty must remain the exception. Pierre Palmade will be fixed on his fate during the day on Friday or in a few days if the decision is taken under advisement.

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