Pietro Lombardi: First words! He was allowed to see Sarah Engels’ daughter

Pietro Lombardi
With these heartfelt words, he congratulates ex-wife Sarah on her birth

Pietro Lombardi and Sarah Engels in 2016

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Sarah Engels has become a mother again. Ex-husband Pietro Lombardi sends his congratulations and finds moving words.

Sarah Engels, 29, became a mother for the second time. In addition to many fans and celebrities, her ex-husband Pietro Lombardi, 29, also volunteers to congratulate.

The singer announced on Instagram on December 3 that their daughter was born with her husband Julian Engels, 28. “On December 2nd, 21st, we were finally able to hold you in our arms and from now on we will never let go of you”, says Engels and reveals that her daughter is named Solea Liana.

Pietro Lombardi addresses the new parents directly

“Congratulations on your little princess”, Lombardi announced shortly afterwards in his Instagram story, which he addressed to Engels and her husband. He assures that he is always ready to help: “And if something happens, uncle is there.”

Pietro Lombardi congratulates his ex-wife Sarah Engels and Julian Engels on the birth of their daughter

Pietro Lombardi congratulates his ex-wife Sarah Engels and Julian Engels on the birth of their daughter

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In a comment under the singer’s post, he also explains that they are a “great family” and that “Uncle Pie” wishes them only the best. He saw the girl yesterday and she looked “so cheeky”. Suddenly the 29-year-old takes on a serious tone: “[…] but the most important thing is that she is healthy, because that’s what I wanted so much because I know what you went through when you gave birth to our naughty badger for the first time. “Lombardi and Engels were married between 2013 and 2019 and have a common one Son, Alessio, 6. The little one was born in 2015 with a heart defect.

Numerous celebrities congratulate Sarah Engels on the birth of daughter Solea Liane

Numerous other celebrities, including “Let’s Dance” judge Motsi Mabuse, 40, singer Jenny Frankhauser, 29, and presenters Jana Ina Zarrella, 44, and Aleksandra Bechtel, 49, also congratulated. “Congratulations, dear. All the luck in the world for you,” also wished model Fiona Erdmann, 33.

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