Pink and Carey Hart: Serious marital crisis almost led to separation

Pink and Carey Hart
Serious marital crisis almost led to separation

Pink and Carey Hart with their children Willow and Jameson (r.).

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Pink and Carey Hart have been married for 18 years. On the occasion of her wedding anniversary, Pink looks back on her marriage.

The pop singer Pink (44) and her husband, the motocross professional Carey Hart (48), have been a married couple for 18 years. The musician took this current anniversary as an opportunity to share pictures of her love journey to share with your fans on Instagram. However, she also openly admitted that she and her husband almost separated again recently. It was a “rocky road” to even reach this anniversary, writes Pink. They almost didn’t make it.

Marriage is “f****g” difficult, but love means that you always come to the table together throughout your life. She is proud that they have now managed to survive this year: “I wear our scars with pride.” Loyalty, forgiveness and resilience would have humbled her. Their love has now resurfaced.

The parents of their children Willow (12) and Jameson (6) were both considering separating. Pink also addressed a few words directly to her husband: “When I met you 22 years ago, I just wanted someone who wouldn’t lie to me.” Back then, she had no idea about obligations, building a life together or even trust and intimacy. Her husband is her “stubborn, beautiful and unwavering rock.”

Pink and Carey Hart have officially broken up twice

“The family we’ve built, the stories we’ve shared together, and the memories we continue to create are worth more than a thousand million prizes anyone could give me,” Pink wrote in her post. The musician concluded her romantic declaration of love with the words “I love you and I love us” and added the hashtags #18years, #ProudofYou and #Family.

Pink and Hart have separated twice since they met in 2001. For the first time in 2003 for a few months. During the separation phase, Pink had a liaison with Tommy Lee (61), the ex-husband of Pamela Anderson (56). After their engagement in 2005 and subsequent wedding in 2006, the two went their separate ways again in February 2008, but did not divorce. In April 2009 they announced that they wanted to give their marriage another chance. Daughter Willow was born in 2011, followed by son Jameson in 2016.


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