Pixel 8 (Pro): Google is supposed to be working on the reputation of the Pixel series here


Thanks to new processor technology, the Pixel 8 (Pro) could solve a problem that some Pixel fans had already complained about with several previous models.

The Pixel 8 Pro could heat up significantly less. (Source: Google)

Ever since the Pixel 6 (Pro), Pixel devices have had a reputation for not being able to cope with the heat very well, especially in the hot summer months. With the Pixel 8 (Pro), Google could do something about this reputation with new processor technology. This is what the well-known leaker Revegnos says on X (formerly Twitter)

According to Revegnus, the Tensor G3 in the Pixel 8 (Pro) will be the first processor from Samsung Foundry to use fan-out wafer level packaging. This process in microelectronics is intended to ensure better energy efficiency and generate less heat

This could eliminate one of the criticisms of the Pixel series. This would also ensure that users no longer have to wonder whether a sharp rise in temperature is a bug or simply occurs with use in the summer, as shown by 9to5Google in the USA and especially a help forum in Germany.

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